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Inquire about our aquarium service plans. With every sevice we adhere to a very strict routine to ensure your satisfaction is met. We offer weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or any frequency service plans.  Let us give you hand whether its restarting, makeover, setting up or upgrading equipment.


We specialize in Custom building and Installations. With over 28 plus years of experience, we've had the oportunity to work on numerous projects where the latest technologies and methods are applied. We carry all major brands and are happy to assist you on your project's specifications and requirements. 


Aquascape is an Art Form. It takes pleny of patience, vision and wondrous creativity. Caves, bridges and the overhanging rocks with plants or corals will spark your imagination and make aquariums come to life. Aquascape is always unique and always one of a kind by default. Contact us,  together we challenge the possibilities. 

Aquascaping is an art form. It requires tons of patience, articulation , vision and imagination with years of practice we have aquascaped all kinds of aquairum form freshwater fish only aquairum to planted aquariumriums to FOW to Reef aquairum.

Custom Work


350 Gallon In Mahagany 



Let us provide knowlegeable solutions for your contractor, architect and designer

We offer custom building capabilities with our in-house Laser Cutting and CNC Machines. From custom aquariums, Wet/drys, refugiums, Auto Top Off, Protein Skimmers, Media Reactors, Overflow Boxes and much more. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

250 Gallon Partition

Conference Room and Hallway



This project was designed for patrons to have a unique restaurant experience. It was planned and created to feel as if one was walking on water, sectioning it with different color schemes to work thematically with an aquatic layout. The project itself took several months. Between working with contractors, designers, and architects to brainstorming solutions to provide sufficient filtration while hiding the unsightly plumbing, our plans followed through with tremendous effort and teamwork. The aquariums we created for this establishment, aren’t your typical centerpiece. They are the embodiment of this restaurant.

Elevate your space, your home or office with today’s Aquarium by BluReef. Aquariums today are modern. They are sleek and they do not have all that drab, wires, tubing, and filters exposed for all to see. They are equipped with tons of technology and they serve a whole different purpose other than just fish keeping. Our aquariums can garner attention towards any area. They spark intrigue, add liveliness and serenity and would make great centerpieces in any room.




At BluReef, we have a dedicated service team which adhere to our strict set of standards. With every service, a long list of services are performed to ensure your aquarium is properly maintained.  A well kept aquarium is a beautiful and healthy aquarium for all its inhabitants.  Let us do all the heavy lifting so you can do whats most important, sit back, enjoy and feed!

Due to the height of the aquarium the old lighting was replaced by Radion LEDs. The aquascape was re-arranged with more rocks and was raised so more corals can be added.  

The rock work was re-designed to create more surface area so corals can have more space to grow. The corals were also re-arraged and many levels were created so corals can be placed at different lighting requirements.



Through the years we've done many installations

for residential and commercial including seafood life support systems. Properly planned filtration is key to successful aquarium keeping. With so many products and equipment available today, it can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. At Blureef we carry every major brand of supplies and equipment in addition to providing custom built components such as sumps, overflow boxes and etc to work perfectly and seamlessly with your equipment to improve your systems efficacy. 

Often we are asked to redesign and improve an existing aquarium's filtration system. Whether the equiments are under sized, under performing or just not working cohesively with all its components, we can help! Let our years of building experinece provide a solution that make aquarium keeping less work and fun.  


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