Watanabei Angelfish Female (Genicanthus watanabei)

Care Level: Moderate ~ Difficult
Behavior: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Max Size: Up to 6"
Diet: Omnivore

Watanabei Angelfish Female (Genicanthus watanabei)


The Watanabei Angelfish. otherwise known as the Wantanabe’s Lyretail Angelfish, is a type of angelfish that displays sexual dimorphism.


Female Watanabei Angelfish are pale blue in color. They have a dark bar lining their dorsal and anal fins, and their tail fins are also lined with dark bars. They do not have stripes on their bodies, but they do have a striped pattern above their eyes.


Male Watanabei Angelfish are similar in color. They have the same pale blue body, but they are marked with horizontal stripes across the lower halves of their bodies.


The best housing environment for the Watanabei Angelfish is a 125 gallon tank or larger with live rock for grazing and plenty of spaces for hiding. It is recommended that they are housed as male-female pairs, and it is also recommended to avoid keeping two males in the same tank due to territorial aggression.


The diet of the Watanabei Angelfish should include: high-quality angelfish preparations, spirulina, marine algae, meaty foods such as mysis, frozen shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, and finely-chopped crustacean.

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