UltraLife Red Slime Stain Remover

Ultralife Red Slime Stain Remover solves the problem of Red Slime stains in your aquarium, and it does it effectively and safely while remaining very user-friendly. The Red slime stains that appear over time in saltwater aquariums are a challenge to deal with, not only does it ruin the look of the tank, but it can be harmful if allowed to build up too far. It has always been a problem to clean out, but now there is a solution. 

UltraLife Red Slime Stain Remover

SKU: 790869100101

Directions: Thoroughly mix 1 level spoonful for every 15 gallons of aquarium water with a small amount of water from the aquarium to be treated. Pour the dissolved solution into the aquarium. Repeat after 48 hours if necessary. Wait at least one week before additional treatments. For best results. DO NOT turn off UV Sterilizer. No need for Water changes or Removal of Carbon Filtration

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