Stars & Stripes Puffer (Arothron hispidus)

Care Level: Easy
Behavior:  Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: No
Max. Size: Up to 18"
Diet: Carnivore

Stars & Stripes Puffer (Arothron hispidus)


The Stars & Stripes Pufferfish are adorned with white spots across the upper half of their tan-green body. This patterning gives off a star like effect. The lower half of the pufferfish is covered with white, horizontal stripes. This completes the look of stars and stripes. Like most pufferfish, these fish lack pelvic fins, which force them to learn how to maneuver around with their pectoral, dorsal, and anal fins.


It is best to house the Stars & Stripes Pufferfish in a 180 gallon fish-only tank or larger with room for swimming, live rock, and a suitable protein skimmer. Puffer fish are known for puffing as a defense mechanism and can inflate twice their normal size when feeling scared or threatened. Keep in mind, these fish are not reef aquarium compatible and are known for eating invertebrates such as hard-shelled mollusks and corals.



The diet of the Stars & Stripes Pufferfish should include: krill, squid, clams, and hard shelled shrimp to soften their teeth.

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