Red Sea Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum)

Care Level: Moderate - Difficult
Temperament:  Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Max Size: 10"
Diet: Carnivore

Red Sea Purple Tang (Zebrasoma Xanthurum)


The Purple Tang, also known as the yellowtail tang, is a beautiful species of surgeonfish found mostly in the Red Sea but has also been observed in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Purple Tangs typically dwell on reefs at depths of up to 20 meters. Adult Purple Tangs are known to live in shoals while juveniles abide in solitude. Purple Tangs can grow up to 10 inches.


Purple Tangs can tend to be aggressive towards other tangs that possess a similar body shape. They are great additions for any larger fish tank and do especially well in reef tanks with great lighting.



Purple Tangs are herbivores but will also eat meaty food. Be sure to provide plenty of algae based foods and dried seaweed. Doing this will help to maintain a healthy and vibrant colored purple tang.

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