Princess Parrotfish (Scarus taeniopterus)

Care Level: Moderate
Behavior: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: No
Max. Size: Up to 14"
Diet: Omnivore

Princess Parrotfish (Scarus taeniopterus)


The Princess Parrotfish is one of the most colorful fishes in the ocean. Their body is green with pink and orange stripes. They have very powerful jaws and their teeth are sharp and are often sharpening or filing their teeth. Their teeth are tightly packed forming a parrot like beak perfect for scraping algae from rock and coral.

Another unique behavior of the parrotfish is the secretion of a protective cocoon of mucus at night to hide their scent from potential predators. The enveloping mucus may also provide the parrotfish an early warning of a potential predator.



Princess Parrotfish primarily feeds on algae and coral polyps. Their parrot like beaks is used to scape algae from rock and corals.

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