Potter's Angelfish (Centropyge potteri)

Care Level: Difficult
Behavior: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Max Size: Up to 5"
Diet: Omnivore

Potter's Angelfish (Centropyge potteri)


The Potter’s Angelfish, otherwise known as the Potter’s Pygmy Angelfish, are orange in body with light to dark blue mottled markings across their bodies. Their lower halves are darker blue and the back ends of their dorsal, anal, and caudal fins are trimmed with an electric blue.


It is best to keep the Potter’s Angelfish in a 70 gallon tank or larger with live rock for grazing and plenty of hind places. These angels are not the best reef dwellers. They are prone to nipping at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles.


The diet of the Potter’s Angelfish should include: high-quality angelfish preparations, spirulina, marine algae, and meaty foods such as frozen shrimp and mysis.

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