Helmet Camel Cowfish (Tetrasomus gibbosus)

Care Level: Moderate - Difficult

Behavior: Peaceful

Reef Compatible: With Caution

Max Size: Up to 12"

Diet: Omnivore

Helmet Camel Cowfish (Tetrasomus gibbosus)


The Camel Cowfish, otherwise known as the Helmet Cowfish, the Thornback, and the Thornbacked Boxfish are oddly shaped with large blue eyes. They are tan in body with black dots and random blue blotches.


Caution must be taken with this specific species. The Camel Cowfish requires the attention of the experienced aquarist. When stressed or injured, the Camel Cowfish may secrete toxins called ostracitoxin, from its mucous glands which can kill other fish in the tank very quickly.


It is best to house the Camel Cowfish in a 180 gallon tank or larger with room for swimming. This type of fish is rather peaceful, but when stressed it can become problematic. They can be kept in reef tanks but with caution. They tend to nibble on tubeworms.



The diet of the Camel Cowfish should include: live bloodworms and live brine shrimp (when acclimatizing), clams, chopped squid, and mussels (after acclimatization).

When hungry, this type of fish has a habit of coming to the surface and spitting.

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