Gray (Black) Angelfish (Pomacanthus arcuatus)

Care Level: Moderate
Behavior: Semi-aggressive
Reef Compatible: No
Max Size: Up to 1'8"
Diet: Omnivore

Gray (Black) Angelfish (Pomacanthus arcuatus)


The Gray (Black) Angelfish are a type of angelfish that changes coloring with maturation. As juveniles, they are a bold black with vertical yellow bars going down the length of their bodies.


Once they age, the Gray (Black) Angelfish is no longer a solid black color and is more gray in body with dark blue polka-dotted scales and white-yellow vertical stripes down the length of their bodies.


The best housing environment for the Gray (Black) Angelfish would be a 250 gallon tank or larger because the Gray Angelfish can grow to be 20 inches. There should be live rock for grazing and for hiding. The Gray Angelfish can be semi-aggressive, so it’s best to keep them with fish known for being peaceful. Also keep in mind, they are prone to nipping at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles.


The diet of the Gray (Black) Angelfish should include: high-quality angelfish preparations, spirulina, marine algae, frozen shrimp, and Mysis shrimp.

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