Melanurus Wrasse (Halichoeres Melanurus)

Care Level: Easy
Behavior:  Peaceful
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Max. Size: Up to 5"
Diet: Carnivore

Hoeven's Melanurus Wrasse (Halichoeres Melanurus)


The Melanurus Wrasse, also known as the Hoeven’s Wrasse, are a type of fish that shifts colors with maturity. As juveniles, their coloring is muted.They are pinstriped with blue-green and pink-yellow horizontal stripes. Once they reach a certain age of maturity, their pinstripes become more vibrant, almost neon in color.


It is best to house these fish in  a 50 gallon or larger tank with a tight-fitted lid and a 2-3 inch sandy floor to hide under. The Melanurus Wrasse are a peaceful species and tend to do well with other wrasses.


The diet of the Melanurus Wrasse should include: fireworms and pyramidellid snails, protecting corals and clams. They may also eat feather dusters, wild shrimp, tubeworms,  flatworms, and parasites off of tank mates. When first introducing a Melanurus Wrasse into an aquarium, feed live saltwater feeder shrimp to entice the fish to eat. Daily feedings should include a variety of prepared, feeder shrimps, flaked foods, and marine fish.

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