Clown Triggerfish (Balistoides conspicillum)

Care Level: Easy
Behavior: Aggressive
Reef Compatible: No
Max. Size: Up to 20"
Diet: Carnivore

Clown Triggerfish (Balistoides Conspicillum)


Clown Triggerfish are oval-shaped, colorful fish. They are multicolored with black, blue, green, orange, white, and yellow.  They have large polka-dotted spots on the bottom halves of their bodies and they are speckled with green marks on the yellow region of their dorsal fin area. Their beak like lips are a bright orange-yellow and are ringed with white, and their caudal fins are a translucent white.


It is best to keep these fish in a 300 gallon tank or larger. These fish are known for being aggressive and tend to be selective when it comes to other aquarium inhabitants, so do keep that in mind. They are not reef aquarium safe and will feed on invertebrates.



The diet of the Clown Triggerfish should include: krill, small fish, clams, squid, and hard shelled shrimp to soften their teeth.

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