Clown Tang (Acanthurus Lineatus)

The Clown Tang, also known as the Clown Surgeonfish or Blue-banded Surgeonfish, has horizontal blue stripes, outlined in black, against their bright yellow-orange bodies. They have large peduncle spines, and their lyre shaped tail is patterned with hues of light blue, dark blue, gray, black, and yellow.

An environment suitable for the Clown Tang would be a 250 gallon tank or larger with room for swimming. The Clown Tang can be semi-aggressive towards other Tangs or Surgeonfish with similar body structures and feeding patterns, but they are generally peaceful among other types of fish.



Although tangs will eat meaty foods, they prefer marine based seaweed and algae which boosts their immune system, reduce aggression, and improve overall health. To feed them, tie dried seaweed to a rock or use a veggie clip, and feed at least 3 times per week.

Clown Tang (Acanthurus Lineatus)


Care Level: Moderate~Difficult
Behavior:  Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: Yes
Max. Size: Up to 16"
Diet: Herbivore

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