Brightwell Aquatics Coral Amino Free-form Amino Acid Supplement

Free-Form Amino Acid Complex for maximum growth & coloration in all Corals & Their Allies

Brightwell Aquatics Coral Amino Free-form Amino Acid Complex Supplement

  • Complex of free-form amino acids in the same ratios found within tissues of stony corals.
  • Widely used by professional coral farmers to increase growth rate and coloration
  • Beneficial to all corals (stony and soft), as well as solitary and colonial polyps.
  • Free-form amino acids:
    • 1. Provide the building blocks of coral tissue in ideal ratios to encourage the formation ofnew tissue.
    • 2. Encourage new tissue growth to repair damage incurred during fragmentation andpropagation.
    • 3. Encourage growth by budding and fission.
    • 4. Encourage vibrant coloration.
  • Formulated based on data compiled by oceanographers researching coral tissue profiles.
  • Requires cool storage, not refrigeration
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