Risk-Free Guarantee

We offer a 14-day guarantee on our livestock purchases made from our online store. If for any reason, the fish or coral arrives dead upon arrival or does not survive on the 14th day from the arrival date, please present the deceased specimen in-store along with your order confirmation.

Guarantee exclusions:

  • No refunds on Shipping cost

  • No refunds on livestock

  • In-store transactions are not eligible for the guarantee.

  • Free or replacement items are not eligible for guarantee.

  • Discard specimen without notification or authorization voids the guarantee

  • Return shipping on the specimen or order without consent voids the guarantee

  • Failure to accept package on the 1st delivery attempt

  • Certain livestock as indicated "Expert only" is not eligible for 14 day guarantee. These ineligible items includes the following but not limited.

If your request meets the requirements of our guarantee policy, we will gladly offer credit (promotional code) for original purchase amount that can be used for future order.